I Have Two Words For My Last Boss


Everyone has had, or will experience, that one boss. The boss that, even after you’ve left the company, will succeed in haunting your existence for many, many years.

For me, that boss was experienced early on in my career. She was the second boss I had out of college, and I put up with her bullshit for a long, torturous, twelve months, until I just couldn’t take it anymore. Continue reading “I Have Two Words For My Last Boss”

Why Grade School Friends Are Your Best Friends for Life


Everyone has that one group of friends. You met in grade school, middle school or even high school. The memories you share together range from the romantic helicopter only-seen-in-the-movies type of engagement one of their now fiancé’s finally got around to planning, to the image of you strutting the middle school hallways in overalls with your two large pearly whites wrapped in electric green elastics. Continue reading “Why Grade School Friends Are Your Best Friends for Life”